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Some Like it Hawk (Meg Langslow Mystery #14)

Some Like It Hawk - Donna Andrews

I love this series - it's probably one of my top 5 favourites and it's always good for a chuckle. (Murder with Peacocks is one of my "deserted island" reads.)  


I will admit to some concern when Ms. Andrews brought twins into Meg's story as I'm not a mad keen fan on reading about mommy-hood. I'm happy to say that Ms. Andrews handles the family additions beautifully - they don't detract from the story and give some of the secondary characters (like Spike) someone to play off of. With Meg's crazy extended family around she's able to continue sleuthing in fine style.


The plot in Some like it Hawk revolves around trying to save the town and it's buildings from foreclosure by the evil bank. It's probably not the strongest plot line in the series, but it's timely, it held my attention, and had a sufficient number of bad guys to keep a reader guessing. In addition, Ms. Andrews has drawn such a fantastic, kooky world full of colourful, well-written characters, that reading is sheer pleasure - I personally wish I could live in a town like Caerphilly and know these people personally.


I drank the kool-aid the minute I put down Murder with Peacocks and I'll avidly await any new Meg Langslow Mystery for as long as Ms. Andrews can continue to tap away at her keyboard.