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Uncorked (Chrissy McMullen #7)

Uncorked - Lois Greiman

I love this series and was thrilled to find that another book had been published.


Uncorked didn't disappoint me at all (except for a lack of Jack throughout most of the story). I love Chrissy's humour and the amount of denial she embraces in her life. The story is both serious and outright hilarious at the same time, a feat I would not imagine is easy to achieve. A great secondary cast of characters is usually along for the ride, but Uncorked saw them mostly absent, but surprisingly, I didn't much miss them, as Chrissy manages to touch base with just about all of them at some point in the story or another.


I hope this means that the 'un' series will continue and I very much look forward and hope to read more about Chrissy and Jack's chaotic life.