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A Witch Before Dying (Wishcraft Mystery #2)

A Witch Before Dying - Heather Blake

The second in the Wishcrafting mystery series, A Witch Before Dying is, I think, my favorite of the two so far. Both are excellent, but the first one felt like it had a tiny bit of silly in it - a bit Disney-ish, and this one did not.


What it did have is some absolutely hysterical moments of dialogue - Archie had me laughing out loud - and a better explanation of some of the types of magic in this particular universe.


The mysteries behind the murder and a rash of break-ins was very well crafted, with a good number of possible suspects and an ending I didn't guess at - I thought for *sure* I knew who the baddie was and was totally wrong.  I love it when that happens!


Ms. Blake has created a charming world, with a very likeable cast of characters and great dialogue. I'm looking forward to reading many more books from the Enchanted Village/Salem.