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Blood Bath & Beyond (Immortality Bites Mystery #1)

Blood Bath & Beyond - Michelle Rowen

This is the first book in a new mystery series that is an offshoot of a series called Immortality Bites - a paranormal romance series.  I haven't read the paranormal romance series, since it really isn't my thing (the romance part), but I didn't find myself adrift at all reading this book.


I'm not a fan of inner dialogue, and this book has a lot of it - she's angsty about marring a vampire several centuries older than she, worried about whether he'll be found guilty of a crime he didn't commit, and adrift because all her friends have scattered to the four winds (presumably at the end of the previous series).


But having said that, I liked the characters and the mystery was a good one (two mysteries, really). I will say, I found the ending to Thierry's suspicion of murder plot line to be very very weak.  I mean, really, he's going to be released simply because they *said* they had proof that the murdered man set it up himself - because his ghost told them so?  But the serial killer plot line was a good one and I didn't see the guilty party until the end.


Not the strongest start to a series I've read, but certainly not the worst - there's a lot to like in this book and I'm looking forward to reading the next one.