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Last Wool and Testament (Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #1)

Last Wool and Testament - Molly MacRae

Excellent start to a new series! Fun characters and lots of mystery.


The plot had a lot going for it - a few twists, a couple of red herrings and a culprit I didn't totally see coming (although I wasn't as surprised as I probably should have been). A lot of the story line about Kath's grandmother's legacy was left unanswered, so I believe it will probably be an over arching plot line throughout the series, which will be ok if the author gives us enough during each book to make us feel like progress in character development has been made. I want more information about the journals, and about her gifts. And I sincerely hope that the author does NOT create a love triangle between Kath and two brothers!!!! Please don't do that!


And while I'm making requests/wishes - I really hope Geneva lightens up, because I think she could be a highly amusing ghost, when she's not trying to drown herself in spectral tears.  I really enjoyed this mystery and look forward to the next one. Also looking forward to trying the recipes in the back!