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Foul Play at the Fair (Celebration Bay Mystery #1)

Foul Play at the Fair - Shelley Freydont

A first in a new series, I liked this book. First books can often times be the weakest, but if that's the case here, I look forward to a very good series.


The story centers on Celebration Bay, a tourist town in NY. While I didn't get a very strong sense of the town itself, it's inhabitants were very well drawn and it was very easy to 'see' the individual personalities. There's a hint of future tension (of the good kind) between the main character, Liv and the newspaper editor.


The mystery, I thought, was very well done. Lots of suspects, as nobody liked the victim, and a few twists here and there. A red herring or two and a really good ending, to my way of thinking. It didn't feel like the tried and true used in so many cozies.


My only real beef with the book was the same one I have with a lot of mysteries - the over abundance of internal dialogue/speculation. I realise it's a device used to summarize the story to that point for the readers, but to me it's all a lot of very boring repetition and an easy cheat to bulk out a story. At one point, I actually skipped almost 3 pages of internal dialogue meant to assist readers who I can only imagine must not have very strong reading comprehension skills.


I look forward to reading the next book.