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Suspense and Sensibility, Or First Impressions Revisited

Suspense and Sensibility: Or, First Impressions Revisited - Carrie Bebris

It took me awhile to get through this book as I never enjoy watching a hero fall. But the story is a very good one, with a terrific ending.


Well written and in keeping with Austen's tone, the author does a great job respecting Austen's creations and while not perfect by any means, I didn't find myself irritated or annoyed by any liberties taken with any of the characters. Lucy Ferrars is still very much Lucy Ferrars. As is Fanny, bless her tiny little heart.


This series is sold as a mystery series, but this book in particular contained very little in the way of mystery as one would normally expect it. There is a murder, but it's committed and solved all within a chapter. The greater "mystery" is the abnormal behaviour of Mr. Dashwood and fans of the supernatural will find something to like here, perhaps.


I look forward to continuing with the series.