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Death on Tour (Jocelyn Shore Mystery #1)

Death on Tour - Janice Hamrick

I liked this book, it is a cozy, but isn't too frivolous or superficial.


The main character goes on a tour of Egypt and one of the tour members gets killed the second day in. Of course, all her fellow tour members are acting strangely, creating a perfect gaggle of suspects. The culprits were apparent to me before chapter 5, but I enjoyed the read immensely in spite of this. The backdrop of Egypt is always interesting and Ms. Hamrick does a beautiful job with her descriptions. Most of the characters are cleverly drawn and unique.


My biggest complaint is Jocelyn's travelling companion, cousin and best friend comes across as shallow, narcissistic and unlikeable, although she does pull her head out towards the end.


I'm not sure if I'll read the next book in the series or not, but I'd recommend it to anyone liking cozies and travel.