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Fat Chance (Finley Anderson Tanner #3)

Fat Chance - Rhonda Pollero

I've just re-read this in anticipation of the next book, Slightly Irregular. I had actually thought this series was cancelled, so I was thrilled to see the next two books out.


I love this series - I think it's a lot of fun to read; very entertaining with a great cast of characters. Finley is an absolute idiot when it comes to personal finance, but still a hoot. Lots of interesting romantic tension, and really excellent mysteries. Fat Chance is about a corpse Finley finds in her new 'handyman special' beach house her mother railroads her into purchasing. Her attempts to identify the decade-plus old corpse lands her in the thick of things. Lots of humour, a bit of action, a new romantic possibility. Just a really entertaining read. I can't wait to get started on Slightly Irregular.