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Serenade to a Cuckoo (P.L. McGinnis Mystery #1)

Serenade to a Cuckoo - Flo Fitzpatrick

If you can get past the ludicrous, outrageous premise of the plot (which was fun if entirely implausible) and the odd style of speech the main characters employ, it's a fun, somewhat silly ride.


Lots of humour, likeable characters and well, outrageousness. The dialogue was a bit hard to follow along with, as the main character and her best friend have a rambling off-the-rails, what-were-we-talking-about? style of speech, that while I sort of enjoyed, I found hard to follow. The hint of a love triangle that could either be very interesting, or a real pain in the ass in future books.


Good mystery and the villain was a total surprise.  I'm not sure yet if I'll read the next book, but I'm sort of leaning towards yes.