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Recipe for Treason (Lady Arianna Regency Mystery #3)

Recipe for Treason - Andrea Penrose

Recipe for Treason is the third in the series and pretty much non-stop action (for a cozy/historical mystery). I was a bit disappointed by the lack of character development in this book, although I enjoyed reading about the budding friendship between Arianna and Sophia.


The point of this book is the ongoing pursuit of the master spy Renard and I can point at precisely the moment the author gave away the clue that had me guessing Renard's identity. I won't though, so as not to ruin it for the rest of the readers out there.  Still, I thought it was very cleverly done and Ms. Penrose did an excellent job with red herrings and diversions too.


Each chapter has a chocolate recipe, and although most seemed a bit to involved for my limited attention span in the kitchen, they looked delicious!