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A Killer Maize (Farmers Market Mystery #4)

A Killer Maize - Paige Shelton

This series started out weak, but with each book it's gotten better and A Killer Maize is the best one so far. The characters have become so much more likeable, and the setting in South Carolina is well illustrated.


The mystery in this book is truly a mystery. I honestly had no idea at all what was going on with the murder, the town, the people - until the author revealed it to Becca. Ms. Shelton could have done a smoother job in bringing us to that point - sometimes it felt like she'd forgotten what she'd written a couple of chapters back - but since I seem to be one of those readers that remember *everything*, I concede I'm probably being too hard on her here. All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I'm so glad I stuck with the series. I look forward to the next book!