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Close to Home (A Savannah Martin Mystery #4)

Close to Home - Jenna Bennett,  Bente Gallagher

Another excellent read in a very strong series.


Nothing real-estate oriented in this book, but mysteries much closer to home for Savannah. This book has her dealing with her family, with Todd, and with Rafe - coming to terms with her place in the world now that she no longer is able to meet her family's expectations. This all dovetails nicely with the murder plot, and Savannah's involvement in it's resolution. While it's not hard to figure out the culprit (it hasn't been in any of the books thus far, except the first one) the story isn't one of the over hashed plotlines found in a lot of books; I found the story line to be somewhat unique and therefore interesting. This series as a whole, and this book in particular has been gripping enough and interesting enough to make me read them back-to-back without doing much of anything else. A good read.