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Buffalo West Wing (A White House Chef Mystery #4)

Buffalo West Wing - Julie Hyzy

The best one in the series!


Buffalo West Wing was interesting from the first chapter. The plot took on a depth you don't often find in cozy mysteries, and towards the end, I was so involved in the story, I found myself snapping at whomever interrupted my reading. The culprits were a bit of a surprise to me, which I always enjoy, and I love the re-introduction of Gavin. He was the only male character in this series that ever pricked my interest and I hope he's back for the long haul. The romance between Ollie and Tom always left me totally flat, and I'm glad things have changed between them.


Why not 5 star? Virgil. He was immature, petulant and I don't think his presence in the storyline added anything at all to the story.  I can't wait to open the next book and see what happens next.