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Murder by Death

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Extra Credit (Murder 101 Mysteries #7)

Extra Credit - Maggie Barbieri

I love this series so opening this book was like visiting with old friends. Alison's sarcastic wit is always a winner with me and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The mystery was cleverly convoluted with no clear villain or really any serious contenders until Ms. Barbieri was ready for things to unfold (although I did peg one of the wrong 'uns early on, I had no idea how that character fit into the grand scheme of things).


This is a long book for a cozy mystery and while the dead body shows up right away, the story itself builds slowly, with a lot of sub-plots revolving around the lives of the characters and the changes taking place within the family/friends dynamic. It reads a bit like it could be the final book in the series, and while I'd very much like to see another one in the near future, if Ms. Barbieri is indeed retiring Allison and Bobby, she's at least leaving us in a good place.