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Queens Ransom (Sofie Metropolis Novel #6)

Queens Ransom - Tori Carrington

I have long been a fan of this series, but this book I had issues with. While I enjoy books with a slightly different cultural bent to the background, the Greek thing was waayy over done and it just got, well, annoying. I found myself saying 'yeah yeah yeah' every time I had to read a section about how Greeks do this or that or say this or that or eat this or that. It was out of balance and stuck out in the story, making it irritating.


This love triangle thing is stupid, annoying and needs to end or Sophie needs to find a balanced way to keep the two men in her life (she's single, I'm not opposed to a Stephanie-Plum type arrangement). Stop yanking the reader around by making us think first one, then the other man is the winner. It just pisses off the reader (well, this reader at least). And if Jake goes, I go. The baker does nothing for me.


I did like the multiple plot lines running throughout the book, it kept things interesting and fresh. I love the relationship between Sophie and her grandfather (although I find her mother unlikeable in the extreme). The main plot line kept me interested and while it wasn't the best planned plot line, I enjoyed watching the progression. I love the tiny twist at the end - it was a rather fun way to wrap up that mystery and it was unexpected.


I'll gladly look for the next book, but if the author's yank me around again re: the love triangle - I'm done.


NB: I classify this book as a cozy - but there is a serious amount of colourful language throughout - not for the prim and proper-ly inclined.