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Nearly Departed in Deadwood (Deadwood Mystery, #1)

Nearly Departed in Deadwood  -  C.S. Kunkle, Ann Charles

This is going on my cozy-mystery shelf, even though it really doesn't belong there, but I'm not sure where else this genre jumping book (and series) should go.


What I do know is that this book is a really fun read! Humour, a good mystery, lots of creepy, and oh wow the sexual chemistry going on! This little voice in the back of my head nailed the bad guy early on, but I was certain I was wrong. The author makes some very bold moves for a book that comes close to cozy. I have a mental picture of the ending that I'd dearly pay a bit extra to get rid of - I suspect it will stick with me awhile.


Great characters and a great setting. For those who dislike language - it's here in all it's glorious colours. So is the sexual chemistry - no graphic scenes, but nothing prim and proper either.


I read the Kindle edition because it was a freebie, but I've since ordered the paperback of all the books available in the series.