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Optical Delusions in Deadwood (Deadwood Mystery, #2)

Optical Delusions in Deadwood - Ann Charles,  C.S. Kunke

Oh the creepy fun! Love the humour, and the mystery was delightfully creepy and almost macabre. I was taken by surprise by the ending and the 'great reveal'. Lots of hints about future story lines in this book as well.


What I didn't like: Ray - he's just too big an asshole to feel totally authentic. The dynamic between Violet and her best friend - I really love the banter between these two and I'm not looking forward to the coming conflict.


What I love: the ghosts, Doc and Violet together, the possibilities between her aunt and the fire chief. The grumpy old coot she's adopted since book one.


I hope this is a series that just keeps on going, as I love reading about Deadwood.


NB: Language (including the, imo, penultimate insult) and lots o' sex talk.