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Chance of a Ghost (A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery #4)

Chance of a Ghost - E.J. Copperman

Excellent book with a great mystery and lots of ghosts, although these ghosts are not really the cliche'd ghosts of books, as the author treats them as corporeal people, not at all scary.


There are two mysteries here: one concerning a living person and one about the fate of the protagonist's father after death. The living mystery was well done, first with the question of whether the death was natural or murder, then with the murder suspects (if indeed it's a murder - Alison investigates for most of the book without having an answer to that question). Lots of possibilities, and the author gives the reader a chance to figure out the solution, with clues she leaves along the way. A reader with high comprehension skills and a decent memory will figure out this plot and enjoy doing so.


The story line about Alison's father is, I think, meant to tug the heartstrings, although it didn't have that effect on me. The ultimate solution seemed sort of predicable to me and sort of overly melodramatic. But I could easily chalk that up to individual tastes.


I continue to love and enjoy Alison's "internal dialogue" with the reader and her acerbic wit cracks me up. Maxie the ghost is as real and colorful as any of the human characters, although Paul still feels flat after this book - he doesn't really have a personality that shines through the pages. Perhaps in future books he'll become a little more "fleshed out". I look forward to the next book