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Old Maid's Puzzle (A Quilting Mystery #2)

Old Maid's Puzzle - Terri Thayer

This book would have been a 4 star read for all of my normal reasons: great characters, strong dialogue, excellent murder mystery with lots of complexity. I truly did not see the end coming.


But it got three stars because honestly, this book stressed me out! 4/5's of this book is steeped in Dewey's financial issues, the long to-do list that must get done or else the business is bankrupt, the relationship struggles, the family discord. Honestly - it was all too much for a cozy mystery! There were almost no happy moments or moments of levity in the entire book - it was just one big ball of tense. I understand what the author was trying to accomplish, and I'd even go so far as to say she accomplished it, but reading this book was not a relaxing exercise for me.


I'll have to take a break before deciding whether or not to continue reading the series.