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An Affair to Dismember (Matchmaker #1)

An Affair to Dismember - Elise Sax

I'm not sure about this book - it was a mash up of sorts.


The writing felt disjointed and the story not very tightly woven at all. The whole matchmaking-third-eye premise of getting Gladie back home is never really explained very well - is this gift supposed to be of a psychic sort? There are hints it might be, but then well, it's never explained.


The murder mystery itself was all over the place - it's repeated again and again that the first two deaths are natural causes - so why is the police chief constantly around looking into things? Not really explained very well either. The plot has what it takes to be really interesting - and in honesty, I got very engrossed in the story, but the writing was so almost stream-of-consciousness that I really just felt the chaos.


Still, the characters are all really likeable and interesting - there's no mixing them up in your head because you can't tell them apart. Each is colourful and interesting in their own way. The men are of course, hot hot hot, though I'm firmly in the police chief's corner for some reason.


I'm going to read the next book in the series because I want to find the story lines tighter and I'm hoping for a more cohesive book all around - Ms. Sax could have a winner of a series on her hands if she just pulls it all together better.