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Assaulted Pretzel (An Amish Mystery #2)

Assaulted Pretzel - Laura Bradford

I love reading about the Amish and I like the idea of a mystery series in the Amish community. The scenes involving that community were by far the best parts of this book.


I'm hooked on Benjamin, and I'm loving the story line surrounding the difficulties (read: impossibilities) of a relationship between an English and an Amish.


Unfortunately, I'm not overly fond of the constant reflection, introspection and earnestness of the main character, Clair. She reads a bit like a 12 year old as told by nuns. No sharp edges, no interesting bits at all. Just constant introspection (which I'm not a fan of in the best of books) and an awful lot of hallmark-card-platitudes. She doesn't feel realistic to me. Don't get me wrong, I like that she's positive and thankful to find herself in Heavenly - I get that. But there's no frustration, no anger, no irritation. When her Aunt chastises her for spending time with an Amish man, she just meekly takes it and then thanks her Aunt for it. Her Aunt may be giving her very sage and pertinent advice (although way to not treat your adult niece like an actual adult!), but no real grown woman takes being told how to live her life with her head hung low and then gives thanks for the dressing down.


Clair has no fire, and the story is so much the weaker for it, in my opinion.


I ended up skimming a good percentage of this book - maybe 30%? I skipped an entire page and a half at one point, so I can't say I loved this book. But there are parts I genuinely liked. If another one is published, I'll definitely take a look.