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A Fete Worse Than Death (Hemlock Falls Series #18)

A Fete Worse Than Death - Claudia Bishop

I've been enjoying this series from the beginning and I'm happy to say that even after 18 books they haven't yet started to feel stale to me in the slightest. Meg and Quill have had their ups and downs and have always weathered them with wacky humour.


The characters of Hemlock Falls are all eccentric and fun and it's a bit of a mini vacation every time I open one of these books up. My only complaint would be I'd like to see Myles actually in Hemlock Falls for one of these stories. I miss him, and the Skype moments just aren't cutting it.


The plot of A Fete Worse Than Death is probably one of the wackier ones, if not the wackiest, but it's done well and it's entertaining. I'm not sure if the murderer was supposed to be as big a mystery as the details surrounding the murders, but either way, the journey to the end was interesting and the book held my attention all the way through.


Few series actually make it to 18 books, but here's hoping for #19!