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Vanity, Vengeance And A Weekend In Vegas: A Sophie Katz Mystery #6

Vanity, Vengeance And A Weekend In Vegas  - Kyra Davis

Well, I guess every series has to have the "my-boyfriend-is-in-peril-and-I-must-save-him" edition and this one is it for the Sophie Katz series. But I have to say, it's a wild, improbable, crazy, entertaining ride.


I love the characters surrounding Sophie and the dialogue is high in wit and entertaining to read, even if it's Sophie talking to herself.


The mystery in this book has very little to do with the dead body and much more to do with trying to figure out who the baddest bad guys are in any given scenario. It also serves to wrap up all the mystery surrounding Anatoly and his past.


Overall, a really fun read.  Warning to strict-definition cozy lovers:  Language!!