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The Homicide Hustle (Ballroom Dance Mystery Series #3)

The Homicide Hustle: A Ballroom Dance Mystery - Ella Barrick

I'm not really sure exactly how I feel about this book - I really enjoyed it right up until the dreaded words "you have to figure out who did this" (implying that Stacy is better equipped than the police). After that, the book just became 'meh'.


I found myself skipping entire pages of internal dialogue/repetition of suspects/inner angst. I really liked that the romance angle has been sorted, and I loved the scene where that happens. It was a good one. The murder plot was excellent - nothing obvious to me about who did it and an ending that felt sincere (if somewhat implausible).


I'm not sure I'll continue with this series, but I think it's just a reflection of my personal tastes and not the quality of the book itself.