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That Old Flame of Mine (A Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade #1)

That Old Flame of Mine - J.J. Cook

Excellent first in a new series! Great setting, great characters and lots of complex relationships. The setting of Sweet Pepper, Tennessee, where they grow jalepeno's, is a bit of fun - cooking contests with hot peppers and some recipes included in the back, had me interested on another level. The family angle will offer quite a bit of future story building.


I might have a crush on the ghost. I have no use for the 'live' love interest though...the author did nothing to make him likeable.


There are two mysteries at the root of this book: a current one and a cold case one that was ruled accidental. Both had lots of clues and lots of possibilities. I guessed the killer, but not until page 270-something.


Overall a great start and I'm really looking forward to reading the next book.