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A Small Hill to Die On: A Penny Brannigan Mystery #4

A Small Hill to Die On - Elizabeth J. Duncan

A very well crafted, well written cozy mystery that remains true to the strictest definition of a cozy. This is not an assembly line run-of-the-mill plot; it's obvious when reading it that the author spent a lot of time crafting this book, as well as the previous books in this series. I'd readily recommend this series and book to cozy readers; especially those who prefer their reads without language, sex, or overt violence.


Having said all of that, I'll most likely not continue this series myself. Not because I think it needs language, or sex, or overt violence, but because I'm personally not connecting with the characters. I love that it takes place in Wales, in a market town. I love that the main character is an artist who owns a day spa. And I can't point to anything specific about the characters save a tiny bit of dialogue that felt stilted. I'm just not connecting. And that's the only reason I gave this 3 stars and not a higher rating.


I think a lot of cozy lovers would genuinely enjoy reading this book.