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Kneading to Die (Pawsitively Organic Mystery #1)

Kneading to Die - Liz Mugavero

First let me just say - HORRIBLE series name!


A solid 4 star read and an excellent start to a new series! I'm loving the characters in this book - each is unique and there's no struggling to keep them straight in one's head. The town sounds charming, except for the small town atmosphere when things get tense. The author goes further than most cozy authors detailing just how difficult and devastating it can be to be a suspect in a murder in a small town - especially when you're not a 'native'. This angst can get a bit heavy once or twice, and there are a few times when it feels like the story is stalled in "let's pile on the protagonist" mode. But overall, this book kept me involved from beginning to end with a very well-crafted murder plot that had me guessing until the very end.


I'm looking forward to future books in this series and I'm definitely going to try at least one of the pet treat recipes that are included. :)