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Killer in Crinolines (A Consignment Shop Mystery #2)

Killer in Crinolines - Duffy Brown

A much better book than the first in this series. Fun, quirky characters and a much more plausible reason for investigating: clearing her friend of murder charges.


I love the inclusion of the 17th street gang and I hope they become permanent cast members - they're a hoot! Cloud computing and HMO plans... lol.


Very little of the ex-husband in this book, but his appearances are as stupid and asinine as ever and I really don't understand why the author feels he's necessary to the story line at all. I liked the scene at the pizza place, but him coming by to threaten her about selling her house? What the hell is the point?


Kudos to the author though, for a plot most excellently crafted. I was as much a spectator at the denouement as I could be and certainly didn't see the end coming at all. As is usual anymore with books, I saw quite a few editing errors - the kind where someone relies on spell check and not on an eagle-eyed proof-reader. But Ms. Brown's book gets the award for Most Humorous Editing Error for this description of the hotter-than-hades-every-woman-wants-him lawyer and possible love interest, Walker Boone:


"He was a head taller than me with perpetual scruff, buzz-length back hair, black eyes, a hard lean body...." (pg. 30, 2nd para..)


At least, I certainly hope that's an error....