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Hex on the Ex (A Mind for Murder Mystery #3)

Hex on the Ex - Rochelle Staab

Ok, I really enjoyed this book, but I have to say the killer was screamingly obvious towards the end - like it could have ended several chapters sooner, but it seemed like the author had more to say so she kept her characters in a state of temporary stupidity until she was ready.


Beyond that, a great story - not quite as much woo woo, although the murder has a very occult spin to it. But it was restricted to the murder itself, so we don't have to read about Liz's refusal to have an open mind, which was an irritant to me in the last two books. I like Nick and the rest of the cast; they're all fun to read. I especially love that Ms. Staab doesn't feel the need for a nemesis, or a love triangle - thank you.


I was a little bit on the fence about this series after the second book, but this one has me eagerly awaiting the next book.