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Dyeing Wishes (Haunted Yarn Mystery #2)

Dyeing Wishes - Molly MacRae

So, I liked this book. It was a good, entertaining read. But I didn't love it. Or really like it. I really liked the first one.


The characters are great - likeable, unique, sassy in some cases, sweet in others. A wide range of ages in the posse keeps things interesting - I want these people to be my friends. If the author has designs on making Cole the romantic interest in the future, I hope she soon shows another side to him, cuz he's an ass and I was only sorry Kath didn't punch him in the nose again in this book. Joe's an enigma - I wanna know more about him.


I wish the ghost was less of a mess - she's really unlikeable and not a sympathetic character because she's just, well, a mess (and incredibly self-centered). She'd be a much more interesting character if the author gave her some depth; some dimensionality. Some Xanax.


The setting is awesome - small town set in the Tennessee hills, and I'd like to move into the Weaver's Cat.


The plot was solid, well done, and not one of the clichéd cozy-mystery plots that authors can buy 5 for a dollar. I truly didn't see the villain or have a hint of the villain until the giveaway clue.


I'm not really sure why this wasn't a four star read for me except that it felt choppy; like it didn't flow as well as it should or as well as the first one. That can be a subjective thing - maybe it would be smoother if I read it again at some point - so I'd recommend this one to anyone who has read the first one. And I'll be eagerly awaiting the third book...