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One Dead Cookie (Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery #4)

One Dead Cookie - Virginia Lowell



I really like to the two main characters, Olivia and Maddie. And Olivia's mother is a joy. The dialogue between these three is really well written and there are more than a few good one-liners. Del is sweet and I think he could be a great character if he was around more.


The plot of the mystery, at it's bones, was well done. Old clues, new clues, lots of suspects and an ending that wasn't the total cliched "cozy ending #2". I liked the ending.


So what was the problem? The story just didn't flow well at all. It felt disjointed and clunky; disorganised. And while I'm an animal lover to an extreme, if I had to hear one more time about Spunky's days on the "mean streets of Baltimore" or his begging eyes I was gonna scream. It was too much.


If the next book came out right now, I wouldn't pick it up. We'll see how I feel X months from now when it does come out.