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Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery #4)

Mama Sees Stars - Deborah Sharp

3 stars because I'm just not a fan of the premise - a murder on a movie set placed in the middle of Florida. Murder mysteries within a series, where a whole new cast of characters are introduced are my least favorite; I figure out who's who in a series and then suddenly I have another passel of characters to figure out and keep straight.


Usually this happens when the main character of a series encounters murder and mayhem on vacation, at a conference, etc. But hollywood setting up shop in Himmarshee results in the same thing.


I love these sisters although Mama was just too ditzy and narcissistic. I guess her narcissism can be excused though, as Hollywood was there to bring out her worst. The drama between Mace and Carlos started to feel exhausting and I just wanted to yell at the book "sit down and have a damn conversation with each other instead of stomping around!", but I loved the ending and so forgave the frustration.


The mystery wasn't quite as well done as in books past; I guessed the murderer pretty early on. The author left holes in this plot as well (what was up with the whole Raccoon thing?) and I didn't appreciate AT ALL the use of animals dying as a plot device in this story. I do not like reading about animal death in any way, shape, or form. VERY unappreciated in a cozy mystery, although I will say these deaths were not due to abuse, or characters otherwise taking joy in harming the animals.


All in all, not the best book in this series, but the series still shines as a very funny, entertaining look at a side of Florida few people experience and I am looking forward to September's new release.