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Plainly Murder (Amish Quilt Shops Mystery #0.5)

Plainly Murder - Isabella Alan

I pre-ordered the first book in this series, Murder, Plain and Simple, so when I saw this release I grabbed it, eager for an introduction to the characters and setting.


This felt longer than most of the in-between novellas I've read and definitely a bit more involved. Was Eric pushed or did he fall from the roof during a barn raising 15 years ago? It's a very straight forward mystery, as it needs to be in it's shorter format. As such, the suspects are few and the outcome somewhat predictable. But you don't really to buy a novella for the plot, so much as for more information on the characters.


I liked Angie and the dog sounds like a gem. I was disappointed that it seems we can count on a cantankerous old biddy who will be going out of her way to make Angie's life miserable in future books, in the form of Martha, but I might prove to be completely wrong about that. Hopefully she'll be offset by Anna, and possibly Rachel.


Overall, a good introduction if you're interested in reading the first book of the series.