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Death Al Dente (Food Lovers Village Mystery #1)

Death al Dente - Leslie Budewitz

Not a bad first book in a series. I love the small town Montana setting and I love the idea of the Mercantile - a shop focussing on local, fresh produce and grocery.


I didn't connect immediately with the main characters, but there weren't any I disliked either. Two possible romantic interests have been introduced and I hope the author treads carefully; there's a serious backlash against love triangles and I for one am beyond over them. They are tiresome and irritating.


The plot was well crafted and adding rampant rumours to the mix muddies up the possibilities very effectively. Lots of suspects too.


Overall, a good, solid beginning. I'm not jumping up and down in excitement, but I'll definitely be adding this series to the list of those that I'm following. I look forward to the next book.