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Clammed Up (A Maine Clambake Mystery #1)

Clammed Up - Barbara  Ross

This book started slow for me, and I was certain it wouldn't be a 4 star read. But it was well-written and something kept me from just putting it down and walking away. As I kept reading, the story built momentum, and I became more engrossed, more invested, with each chapter.


The story takes place in Maine and the characters adhere to the stoic typecast of most residents of Maine. The result is not a light-hearted, humorous book or setting. The characters are likeable, but they aren't charming or witty or cheeky; it takes time to warm to them. There's also a fair amount of family drama to work through in this book, and that ratchets up the stoicism just that little bit more.


Julia has just moved back to Maine from New York City in an attempt to save the family business, and has no real friends in town to speak of, so no opportunities for banter or for the lighter side of a personality to shine through. Quentin shows promise in the future for more levity, but he doesn't play a massive part in this plot and isn't seen very often.


The plot itself was delightfully twisty and the ending was skilfully done; there was no guessing on my part - I hadn't a clue how the story was going to end. A few threads were tied up a bit neatly at the end, but none of them central to the murder and none of them a surprise. I will say the author knows how to end a book too!


A very strong first, and I'm looking forward to reading the second.