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Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1)

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs

I'm a fan of the Mercy Thompson series, but I really had no interest in the Alpha and Omega series, since weres aren't my favorite paranormal species.


But I found myself unspeakably bored at work yesterday and nothing on my kindle for mac app appealed. Until I stumbled across Cry Wolf and thought reading more about Bran and Charles sounded like a great idea


.An excellent read, although I'll still maintain that I prefer the more diverse world of Mercy's. It was a bit tough figuring out what was going on at first, since this book takes place pretty much right after the novella "Alpha and Omega" - so if you're looking to get into this series, start with the novella - it will make the beginning of this book *so* much more sensical.


After figuring out what was going on though, I really liked the dynamic between Anna and Charles and I appreciated the amount of time spent on them before launching into the action. The action itself, while not gory, was hard to read at times and I'll admit, I passed right on over anything having to do with hurting animals. It makes up a small, very small part of the story, but those few sentences were more than I could bear. Otherwise, the subjugation of one person by another (I won't say human, as I don't think it applies in this case) is a big theme in the story and I thought Ms. Briggs did a very good job with it - reading it made me uncomfortable, as it was meant to.


I don't know if I'll read the next or not, but I'll certainly be checking it out.