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The wonder of BookLikes delivered home (really!)

I'm sure everyone here has thought about it a time or two: the wonder and wonderfulness of the friendships we have made here.  And almost none of us could identify each other in a line up.  XD


I received a surprise package the other day from one of my BookLikes friends, Themis-Athena; no special occasion, just because she's a kind and wonderful person with whom I occasionally trade vague threats of library inheritance.  


Obligatory box-with-cat picture.


Inside was an amazing number of goodies:

The CD is an audiobook (Hugh Fraser) of The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding.  I immediately opened the Paris spice blend and added it to my pasta - it was delicious.  MT has called dibbs on the Garam Masala for an upcoming curry.  Anybody have any suggestions for the Schrebergarten Salz?  It's a sample, so I want to use it right the first time.


I can't thank Themis enough - it was a bright spot in my week, and we'll think of her every time we use one of these amazing blends.  Plus, now I have THREE refillable spice mills!  :D   


I know BookLikes looks shaky right now, but I hope it's just another blip, because as much as this place is about books, the community it's built is priceless.