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My slow migration from GoodReads

So, this weekends announcement that GR will start deleting reviews and shelves is the straw that broke my poor camel's back.  


While I have never agreed with the idea that reviewers could lambast authors in a deeply personal way ("you should die", etc. etc.), I've always felt that constructive criticism about an author's beliefs, (verifiable) history, actions, etc. can and should play a very important part in a book review's context.  For example, the author convicted of murder that writes murder mysteries.  It's reasonable to believe that her life colors her writing.  It's not always the case, to be sure, but it's not rare.


I also am a firm believer that you should start as you mean to go on.  And GoodReads started by talking about users' freedom to name their shelves whatever they'd like.


Kara, August 27, 2012:

Users are free to organize their personal book lists however they see fit. Having a "poop" shelf or something similar is perfectly fine.


This about face is beyond disappointing.  So here I am.  Waiting patiently for my books to import.  I've never been a blogger, so this will likely be the only post I ever write that isn't a book review.  But I'm looking forward to reading many unbiased book reviews here in the future.