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#stayathome bird of the day ...

I got a bit bored today - restless, really because I have plenty to do - and decided to do a bit of camera practice from my back garden.  Usually, this means every bird in a 5km radius immediately disappears, but today, as soon as I looked out the back, I saw a large bird in the tree on the property behind ours.  I knew a Tawny Frogmouth lived in the neighborhood, but have never been able to see him, because he's usually nesting in a huge eucalyptus tree in different yard.  I hightailed it over to the next block and he obliged. (I keep saying he - I have no idea what the gender is; tawny frogmouths aren't dimorphic)


Tawny Frogmouths look a LOT like owls, until you see them from the side.  They aren't owls (they're more closely related to nightjars). He was all fluffed out so I was unable to get a good profile shot, but hopefully you get the idea.