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Non-book Post: What I've been doing instead of reading, Part 1

As mentioned in my previous post, we've been getting out into nature the last few weeks (with another hike scheduled for tomorrow).  The first was a morning hike at a local park we'd never been too - an old reservoir-turned-parkland.


I was expecting primarily birds, because the park is still in a pretty urban area, and I got birds, but I also happily got a bit of everything else too.  I've recently become a member of inaturalist.org as a way of keeping track of, and identifying, what I find when I'm out and about; it's also a way to contribute to science.  So I got pictures of all sorts of flora and fauna.  I'll limit my sharing to a few birds, some mammals and one reptile (lizard).


The bird:

White-faced Heron



 The mammals:

Eastern Grey Kangaroo



Eastern Grey Kangaroo, exiting stage right



Swamp Wallaby (no swamp required)



Swamp Wallaby also exiting stage right



And the reptile:


Blotched Bluetongue - it's blotchy, and it has a blue tongue