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Death, Taxes, and Peach Sangria (Tara Halloway #4)

Death, Taxes, and Peach Sangria - Diane Kelly

This series is just so much fun. While Peach Sangria is a mystery, it's not your typical murder mystery.


Tara is after terrorists by going after their source of money. It's a slow story to develop and there's a lot more character development going on, bulking up the book. But I like the character development so I don't mind at all that the "plot" isn't front and center and taking up Tara's every move.  


In the land of character development, Ms. Kelly gave us a love triangle a few books ago, and it's resolved in this book (thank goodness!). She also does something I don't think any author to date has done: gotten me to switch loyalties from one man to the other. Usually once a love interest is introduced, and it's a good one, I get really snippy about author's messing with the status quo. But Ms. Kelly has done a very good job of changing my loyalties and handling the love triangle resolution with grace.