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This is how obsessions are born ...

Choosing my new camera was a bit of a debacle that started with a month of research that made me want to scream, and culminated with my visiting 6 different stores over 2 days, trying to find the one I ultimately wanted in stock somewhere.  (hint to retailers everywhere:  on-line stock checks only work if they're accurate.)   I finally found my camera in one store, the bag in another and I bought my memory cards in the last one (because I work for the parent company and get an employee discount).


While I was buying the bag, the salesman and I started chatting about the camera I bought and that beyond the safari, I'd be primarily using it for pics of birds and other wildlife.  He suggested I try the shutter priority setting and set the shutter speed at the high range for taking pics of birds, to avoid blurring as they inevitably flew away.  Now, I know next to nothing about cameras beyond point, focus, shoot, so I've always shied away from the 'fancy' settings, but I'm determined to get the most out of this one, so the last couple of days I've been using it.  



OMG, look at that!  Guess how many birds I've been stalking like a maniac since I pulled this one off yesterday?  I used to swear a blue streak every time a bird flew away, now I'm actively hoping they won't sit still...


Sometimes, technology really is awesome.