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Childfree By Choice - Amy Blackstone

It's official:  I've been living in a cave the last three decades.  This has been a revelation so far; I had no idea I was so unpatriotic, immoral and selfish.  Ok, well, I maybe knew I was a little bit selfish, though I'd have said choosing not to have kids I didn't want because my lack of maternal instinct would have ended badly (or badly dysfunctional) for the kids was the mature, not selfish thing to do, but obviously I'm just self-rationalising.


The author is keeping things pretty even-keeled so far, presenting a lot of facts and statistics.  It reads like a fleshed out dissertation to me, but the information is fascinating, so the drier tone isn't bothering me, nor is the narrator's somewhat flat deliver (though her attempts at other voices cracks me up).  


So far the take away is that anyone who choose to have anything more or less than 2 children is an aberration.  Good to know.  Don't care, but good to know.