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The Beyond (Devil's Isle, #4)

The Beyond - Chloe Neill

For my tastes, this series isn't quite as strong as her Chicagoland Vampire series, in terms of either storyline or writing.  Not that it's badly written, just that it doesn't quite nail the rich, humorous dialog Neil achieved with Merit and the gang.


This one reads as though it might be the final book in the series, and it wraps up all the loose ends nicely, with Claire and Liam venturing beyond the veil into the fae beyond to retrieve an artefact that may help them finally defeat the fae that have waged war on the city of New Orleans.  There's a small, bittersweet moment at the end, but generally, everyone gets their happily ever afters or, at least, happily-for-nows if Neil has plans for a 5th book.


Not quite Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs level of UF, but I enjoy Neil's writing; she offers a slightly less gritty, and very enjoyable, brand of urban fantasy.