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How I spent my summer vacation / book haul the first

The post you all knew was coming ... my first book haul post.  But first, a vitamin D break:



Ok, moving on; as I mentioned earlier, I made my traditional first-day-home pilgrimage to the FOTL across the street from my mom's house, and bought a few books.  Today I returned, because who knows what I missed because of the jet lag?  Then my mom mentioned the library in the next town up, which had to re-built from the ground up, had re-opened.  I've always had excellent book karma at that FOTL (First edition Eyre Affair signed by Fforde for .25 cents) so we pilgrimaged up there.  My karma remains intact.  On the way home, we hit another library FOTL shop.  The result:



Note that the Icarus Agenda is for MT, because his paperback has disintegrated.  A couple of these are upgrades from paperback - and the two Nancy Drews are first editions; none of this 'updating' crap.


There's at least one title there from the 1001 Badass list.  BrokenTune, I caved.  ;-)


This is all a prelude, of course, to our FOTL book trail that my mom, my sister and I inaugurated the last time I was here.  With 6 FOTL shops in the county, we just can't do them all in one day; now we can concentrate on the bigger shops in the county seat later this week.