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Booklikes-opoly 2019 - MbD's update #12; the traveling edition.

Having safely (if not soundly - the jet lag this time has been debilitating) arrived home to Florida, and having finished my book for the current space, #16), it's time to roll again.


I have my trusty travelling board, but haven't found a stand-in game piece yet, and I'll have to rely on virtual dice so, pictures later.


My first roll was a 4 in the form of double 2s:


This lands me on #19: Read a book with a cover that is more than 50% blue, or by an author whose first or last name begins with any letter in the word L-A-K-E.



My second roll was an 8 by way of double 4sb


which put me on #27: 27. Read a book that features a hero's journey or is a bildungsroman (coming of age tale) or that has a word related to space in the title, such as star, planet, rocket)



and finally I rolled a 3 (thank god):

which put me on space #30: Read a book with fruit or pastries on the cover, or that was written by an author whose first or last name begins with any letter in L-O-V-E.


This is all very exciting because I'm finally visiting some new squares - EXCEPT - I'm not at home, with access to my books.  Oh no!  I'll have to buy more books!  The things I do in the name of the game.


I do have one book with me that will fit the space for #30, The Frangipani Tree Mystery - Ovidia Yu, so I'll start that book now, and see what I can find for the other two - though I may end up skipping 27.  



(And yes, I've been to the FOTL; I bought 4 books, but I'll do a book haul post later.)