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The Mad Hatter Mystery - John Dickson Carr

This book is taking way too long to read for something I'm enjoying this much.  So far, it's everything I love about the Golden Age mysteries.  Dickson Carr based Fell on GK Chesterton, and once you know that, the resemblance is startling.  The nod to Doyle and Watson was wonderful, and it made me giggle madly.


So far, I have no idea where this mystery is going, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the ride.


Dorothy had not been at the hotel when Rampole and the doctor arrived there on their return from the Tower. A note left for Rampole at the desk informed him that Sylvia Somebody, who had been at school with her, was taking her home for a gathering of some of the other old girls. Owing, she said, to previous knowledge of her husband's passionate aversion to jolly little evenings of this kind, she had informed them that he was in the hospital with a violent attack of delirium tremens. They'll condole with me so, she explained. D'you mind if I tell them how you throw plates and the cat and come home every night by way of the coal chute? She said he was to give her love to Dr Fell; and not to forget to pin the name of his hotel to his coat lapel so that the cabman would know where to put him at the end of the evening.
My marriage resembles this remark...