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Love and Other Wild Things (Mystic Bayou, #2)

Love and Other Wild Things - Molly Harper

I love me some Molly Harper, but this one was not one of my favourites.  It was good, just not as good as most of her other stories.  The characters in this one didn't click with me the way the featured characters in the first Mystic Bayou did, and I've officially decided that I don't like the dual narrative voices.  Both Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis are excellent narrators, but when the book is told in the 3rd person, I'd rather just one narrator; in this case Amanda Ronconi.  


And I categorically do NOT like having sex scenes read to me by any narrator, male or female.  


The plot felt rushed; what would have been an interesting story if allowed to simmer and develop just felt like a non-event; a flimsy construct to prop the romance up in.  Harper's books always have a romantic element, but not usually at the expense of the rest of the plot; this felt phoned in.  So much so that even the humor felt absent.  


Still, not every book can be a masterpiece, and Harper has written far more that's good than she has bad.  I happily look forward to her upcoming books and will read them with pleasure.  Though no more audio editions; printed editions for these from now on.