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Off-topic, not book related, and photo heavy.

My husband (MT) asked me how I wanted to spend my birthday a few weeks ago, a question he'll likely not ask me again in the future.  I told him I wanted, bodies being able and willing, to explore the nearby Otway National Park, which is primarily rain forest.


Last Sunday, the weather and personal health were in alignment and off we went on a series of short hikes around the park.  To say it was magic was understatement; everywhere we looked was another picture perfect scene.  I culled them down to the very best of the best, but there's still more here than I'd aimed for, so please feel free to skip this post if you're not into modern day 'holiday slides'; the TL;DR version is, if you're ever in Victoria Australia, the Otways should definitely be on the do not miss list.


We hit 5 places in total that included 2 waterfalls, 1 redwood forest and 1 lake.  The redwood forest is 80 years old, planted by veterans building roads through the area.  They're currently 60 meters tall and are expected to hit 120 meters in the coming years, making them some of the tallest trees in the world.




Old Beeches and Gums with amazing trunks were all over the forest:





A very iconic part of the rainforests here are the fern trees; not quite as tall as a palm tree, but usually about 10-12 feet (3 meters) tall.


Part of Triplet Falls, and possibly the winner for breathtaking scenes at every turn: